Audi A6 C8 A7 A8 D5 12 radar upgrade for automatic parking

Audi A6 4A A7 4K A8 D5 with 360 vision, 12 radar can write automatic parking code, plus key switch can be activated

The ABS can only end with an even number. For example, AC, AP, and around-view 360 modules are AR and AM


03-ABS — byte 10-bit0– Tick
03-ABS — byte 24-bit7– Tick

09- Central appliance byte 21-bit5- Tick

17– Virtual cabin byte14-bit4– Tick

A5- Front auxiliary – Byte13-bit3- Tick

A5- Front auxiliary – Byte33-bit5- Tick

A5- Front auxiliary byte34-bit4- Tick

A5- Front auxiliary byte44-bit6 and bit7- tick

A5- Front auxiliary – byte82-bit7 — – Tick

44- Turn to power byte1-bit0 and bit1 and bit4- tick

44- Steering power byte2-bit1- Tick

Attention: Some regions have different years and vehicle displacements! For example, the A6 2019-2021 model requires a 3.0T engine to achieve!

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