Payment policy

Payment method

entormotor online stores accept multiple payment methods.

It should be noted that payments are always made through a secure SSL connection. This means you can make payments safely without storing personal information or being seen by others. You never have to provide us with such information (we never ask you to do so!). If this situation occurs, please contact us before making the payment, as it may lead to accidental abuse.

We offer three payment methods

1. The default payment system is PayPal and the currency is US dollars ($)

PayPal is the preferred payment method for Entermotor online stores. PayPal enables you to quickly and securely send payments online using a credit card or bank account. You can also check your payment status. According to the PayPal Buyer Protection Program, PayPal payments are protected by the full transaction price.

To protect you, we only ship items to the PayPal verification address

If you make payment through PayPal’s electronic check, we will ship after your payment is settled.

2. Wise Transfer

Orders can be paid through Wise transfer, please contact WhatsApp (+1) 513 666 8882.

If you would like to make payment through Wisetag, please contact us via email address and provide you with the payment link.Before placing an order with Entermotor logistics company, we must receive payment through the bank and settle the funds before shipping.

3. Credit or debit cards (stripe)

Secure payment through stripe processing using all major bank cards. After receiving the payment information, we will ship your order!

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