Audi Side Assist is a driver assistance system that helps the driver detect and monitor vehicles in the blind spot area of the car. It uses radar sensors to detect vehicles approaching from the rear and alerts the driver through a warning light in the side mirror when a vehicle is detected.

This system can be particularly helpful when changing lanes or merging onto a highway, as it can warn the driver if there is a vehicle in their blind spot and help prevent a potential collision.

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Fit Car Model

For 2019-2024 Audi Q5 SQ5


Package Contents:

2 * Side auxiliary rearview mirror cover

2 * Lane changing warning lights

2 * Door opening warning light (With ambient lighting)

2 * Lane changing auxiliary module

2 * Door control module

2 * Module bracket

1 * Wiring kit

  • BSD blind spot monitoring
  • Real time monitoring of blind spot vehicles in the rearview mirror. If overtaking is detected in the rear, the corresponding side indicator light will remain on for warning.
  • LCA lane change assistance
  • When changing lanes and turning on the turn signal, if there is overtaking behind, the corresponding side indicator lights will flash continuously, indicating danger. Please do not change lanes
  • DOW door opening warning.
  • When parking and opening the door, if a car passes by on the side of the door, the system will flash an alarm, reminding not to open the door.
  • RCW rear collision warning
  • When the rear vehicle approaches rapidly with a rear end collision, the speed is greater than 50 kilometers per hour. The system will flash an alarm, indicating emergency preparedness.
  • RCTA rear traffic crossing reminder
  • When reversing and exiting the vehicle, if there is a vehicle passing through the rear, the system will flash an alarm, reminding not to continue reversing.


Models produced after October 2023 do not have on-screen menu options!

The delivered hardware has been functionally tested and the lane change module has been calibrated!

Installation instructions can be provided during installation, and the vehicle needs to be coded after installation.

Please contact your Volkswagen Audi dealer or modder to provide ODIS,5054A, 6164A, DOIP devices and diagnostic software.

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Vehicle model

Remote Coding



With ambient lighting, Without ambient lighting




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